Arctic Freeze Countertop Cooler

Arctic Freeze 850

The new Arctic Freeze 850 Ice & Water Dispenser provides room-temperature water and ice in a single compact system. The built-in ice-maker makes up to 20 lbs. of ice per day and can store up to 11 lbs. at one time. The dual evaporator refrigerated compartment keeps ice frozen and available anytime. It has easy-to-use touch- sensor dispensing buttons and a recessed faucet that is designed to eliminate had contact for better hygiene. The stainless doors have silver gray accent that gives avmodern look and sleek design.

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Standard Features

  • Dispenses a continuous supply of room temperature water.
  • Makes up to 20 pounds of ice per day.
  • Refrigerated compartment stores up to 11 pounds of ice at a time.
  • Ice-maker stops producing ice when the compartment is full.
  • A dual evaporator cooling system keeps ice frozen and available so no drain is required.
  • Frost-free operation
  • Hygienic touchpad control for dispensing water and ice
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Arctic Freeze 850 Specifications

Weight  90 lbs
Dimensions 31″ H x 18.3″ W x 23″ D
Ice-Making Rate 20 lbs./day
Ice Storage capacity 11 lbs
Voltage: 115 VAC
Power Required: 325W Max
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