Why Go Bottleless


You’ve worked hard to make your business a place that employees, customers, and visitors enjoy. But even if it feels like you’ve thought of everything, you may be missing out on a crucial element of health and comfort in your building. If you haven’t yet installed a bottleless water cooler in your office, medical facility, restaurant, or other commercial location, it’s time to make a change!

Arctic Coolers has been selling, installing, and performing maintenance for commercial water dispensers in the Delaware Valley area for over 35 years. Read on to find out why YOU need one of our state-of-the-art water dispenser systems!

Save the Planet

Bottleless water coolers offer healthier water choices while promoting environmental well-being. Each installed water cooler contributes to the elimination of up to 6,000 water bottles a year, helping to keep our oceans crystal clear.

Great Tasting Water

Our goal is to offer you the freshest and purest drinking water. Arctic Coolers bottleless water coolers feature self-sanitization, ensuring that you never need to concern yourself with stagnant water from the previous day.

Cost Effective

We offer hassle-free maintenance service. We ensure timely water filter changes and eliminate any unexpected repair bills. Switching to an Arctic Coolers bottleless water cooler allows you to save some green and the planet!

Unlimited Access

Our water coolers utilize the municipal water already supplied to your home. Arctic Coolers’s advanced filtration systems are engineered to deliver pure, clean drinking water around the clock, 24/7.

Water Purification

Each Arctic Coolers bottleless water cooler is paired with a multi-stage filtration system designed to eliminate pesticides, germs, and other pathogens that pose risks of serious illnesses and diseases.

Temperature Options

Indulge in hot water for your afternoon teas or cool down with a refreshing, chilled glass of water. Regardless of your temperature preference, Arctic Coolers bottleless water coolers have you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

High-quality hydration is key to whole-body health. Research has repeatedly shown that staying hydrated boosts your productivity, mood, and immune system’s ability to fight off diseases. What’s not to love?

Arctic Coolers eliminates the lifting and storage of those heavy bottles. Did you realize that a five gallon bottle weights about 44 lbs and costs an average of over $6 per bottle? We will save your company money… without sacrificing taste or quality.

There are also a number of other benefits:


We provide a complimentary taste comparison through our free trial offer. A significant 95% of our customers, who were previously accustomed to using bottled water, express great satisfaction with their Arctic Coolers.

Our system filters water at the point of use, enhancing hygiene compared to bottled water that might linger in bottles over time. The process of changing bottles can introduce dirt and bacteria into the tank, a concern effectively eliminated by our Arctic System, where no human hands come into contact with any components.

Arctic Coolers employs an industrial-grade filtration system comprising five filters, incorporating an inline U.V. light and The Polar Power Pak, to effectively filter and purify your water.
Arctic Coolers utilizes a filtration system of commercial quality, incorporating five filters, including an inline U.V. light and The Polar Power Pak. This system is designed to filter and purify your water effectively.
Arctic Coolers will buy your water cooler at fair market value.
Arctic Coolers will include one free move as part of our bottleless water cooler installation. And with our cost savings, it makes sense to change to Arctic now.
Installation is free and done by our staff of highly trained water technicians. We can put the bottleless cooler virtually anywhere (as long as there’s a waterline in the building). Installation is simple for our trained professionals, just like installing a new water faucet.
The majority of our customers either lease or rent, so we deal with landlords on a regular basis. A major concern to the landlord is altering the plumbing or shutting off the water… we do neither. We provide all necessary information and insurance certificates.
Choosing to install Arctic Coolers Water Coolers in your office has a number of benefits. For one, if you choose to install Touchless Water Coolers, you can greatly reduce the unnecessary spread of germs by limiting the amount of contact with water coolers in the office. Some other benefits are having a positive impact on the environment and hassle-free installation. You can see all of our benefits here.