About Arctic Coolers

History of Our Company

Established in 1986 by health enthusiast Andy Pearl, Arctic Coolers was born out of a passion for prioritizing water quality over quantity. Andy envisioned a more hygienic alternative to the conventional practice of delivering water in large, cumbersome jugs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our innovative, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.

At Arctic Coolers, we lead the bottleless water cooler industry, with a particularly strong presence throughout the east coast.

Experience the Arctic Coolers difference – a legacy of quality, innovation, and customer-centric service. Discover why our point-of-use filtered water solutions are trusted by businesses. Join Arctic Coolers in redefining the way we access and enjoy fresh, filtered water.

Arctic Coolers – Setting the Standard in Hydration Technology since 1986.

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The Arctic Advantage

At Arctic Coolers, our pride extends beyond our esteemed partnerships and impactful community service initiatives. We take immense satisfaction in the exceptional advantages offered by our office water coolers, delivering unparalleled benefits to our valued customers. Discover more about the economic, environmental, and health advantages of our office water coolers by exploring the links provided below!

Why Opt for a Bottleless Water Cooler at Arctic Coolers?

When selecting a water cooler for your office, the primary motivation is often the elimination of wasteful single-use bottles typically stored in office refrigerators. However, a bottleless water cooler takes this commitment further by eradicating the reliance on cumbersome water jugs associated with traditional coolers and the need for frequent water deliveries. With a bottleless water cooler from Arctic Coolers, you’ll revel in an endless supply of clean, filtered water, all while outperforming the traditional gallon-by-gallon cost comparison.

Free Standing Water Coolers

Elevate your office’s hydration experience with Arctic Coolers’ top-tier free-standing water coolers. Our units dispense hot and cold water, stored separately in surgical stainless steel tanks for superior taste and safety. Our cutting-edge four-stage carbon filtration process ensures exceptional water quality by removing 99.9% of sediment, bacteria, heavy metals, and other impurities. All of this comes at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional bottled water delivery services. Additionally, our antimicrobial touchpads contribute to a healthier office environment by reducing the spread of germs and bacteria, making a touchless water cooler a vital addition to any workspace.

Countertop Water Coolers

For office kitchens, consider Arctic Coolers’ countertop water coolers. With a smaller footprint, these compact water dispensers are ideal for break room counters while offering similar advantages to our free-standing models. Enjoy the convenience of hot, cold, and room-temperature water at the touch of a button. Thanks to our multi-stage filtration process, the water from your countertop cooler surpasses the taste of tap water, ensuring a refreshing and pure hydration experience for your office.

Specialty Water Coolers

When a little pizzazz is needed in your cup, consider Arctic Coolers’ Specialty Water Coolers. If straight bubbly water is your thing, try our Borg & Overstrom B4 sparkling unit. These compact specialty water dispensers are ideal for break room counters. Enjoy the convenience of soda alternatives at the touch of a button or enjoy pure refreshment with the touchless water dispensing mobile app available on the B4.