Sparkling arctic cooler

Sparkling Arctic

Our exclusive filter formulations guarantee exceptional water purity. By employing a state-of-the-art combination of Reverse Osmosis or UF filters, we enhance the water with minerals through an advanced sanitization process. The outcome is water with heightened alkalinity and nutrients, delivering a cleaner, healthier, and superbly tasting experience.

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Standard Features

  • Large 10.75″ dispensing area for filling bottles and jugs
  • Hot, cold and sparkling water
  • Sealed, hygienic direct-chill cooling system
  • Biofilm, limescaled and impact resistant epoxy resing panel finish
  • Can be used with RO with bladder or with any filtration
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Sparkling Arctic Specifications

Height 52.25 inches
Width 13 inches
Depth 18.5 inches
Hot Water Capacity 5.5 Gallons per Hour
Cold Water Capacity 1.5  Gallons
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