Arctic Blast pro CT Countertop Water cooler

Arctic Blast Pro CT

Select the premier bottleless water cooler from the Arctic Coolers. Enjoy unlimited access to refreshing water that goes beyond mere hydration. Redefining the conventional water cooler, our innovative design ensures effortless access to pure drinking water with every dispense. By connecting to a water line, you can effortlessly convert ordinary tap water into a premium, spa-like hydration experience. Our countertop water dispenser provides everything you require and more for continuous access to filtered water, as the robust filter cartridge sets effectively eliminate common contaminants found in tap water.

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Standard Features

  • Equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout
  • Cooler is equipped with a 2-stage ultrafiltration system that includes a 5-micron pre carbon filter and sediment filter
  • Features 100% stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs
  • Cooler features a large dispense point, so consumers can easy refill bottles of different sizes
  • Features a self-cleaning feature it is equipped with a UV light that disinfects the cooler 24/7
  • Provides Hot and Cold water
Polar Bear
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Arctic Blast Pro CT Specifications

Weight 45.9 lbs
Height 24 inches
Width 11.9 inches
Depth 16 inches
Temperature  Hot and Cold
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