Your Water Cooler Service Offers The Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

The water cooler enjoys a lovely place in our history. The water cooler at the office is the place where you and coworkers have debated the best quarterback in the NFL, discussed shocking moments from television shows, and talked about the last U2 album. The office water cooler is the place where you pressed for important information about work, gathered data about your latest project, and announced your intentions of going for that mid-level management position.

Water cooler talk is one of the top reasons companies opt for this piece of equipment for their office. But it is certainly not the only reason to get a water cooler. Arctic Coolers Inc., your water cooler service serving New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, offers the benefits of having a commercial water cooler at the office.

Investing In Your Employees

Having a water cooler in the office shows that you care about the health and well-being of your employees. Companies have finally come to the realization that it is important to offer their employees the means to stay hydrated and healthy. A source of clean, cool, and refreshing water help keep employees happy and healthy and ensures they utilize their wit and skills in a way that moves the company forward.

Adds A Good Look To The Office

Water coolers have become much more visible around the workplace. One reason for this is because water coolers are now available in a range of cool designs and styles. So now you don’t need to hide that ugly water cooler with the big bottle in some random corner.

Younger employees might even be offended, certainly disappointed if there is not a source of clean, cool water in the office. After all, you can’t expect them to get a glass of tap water when they are thirsty.

High Energy Levels

Not all office workers sit at a workstation, behind a computer monitor typing away the day. Many employees spend their days as busybodies working up a sweat doing physical labor. It is therefore very important that there is plenty of cool, clean, and freshwater easily accessible. It is important that you keep these active employees fit and healthy by supplying them with water and ensuring they replace fluids lost through sweat.

Personal Hygiene

Drinking water can lead to less bad breath. Water is also important in keeping employees hydrated. Dehydration causes some pretty unpleasant side effects. Take our word for it.

Saves Money

If you are on the fence about calling your water cooler service because of the expense, keep in mind that the cost of employee sick days is substantially higher. Absence and sickness can cost your business more than just money. When employees call in sick, you are also losing out on their skills. Promoting and maintaining good health can be done in many ways, but it all starts with proper hydration. Studies show that hydrated employees are healthier employees.

Encourages Communication

We are probably all familiar with the grumpy old guy at the office who basically keeps to himself. Others might want to reach out, but he seems so unapproachable while sitting at his workstation. However, when he goes to the water cooler for a refreshing drink of water, it gives coworkers the opportunity to start a meaningful conversation.

Sure, there will always be idle chit-chat and gossip at the water cooler, but it is the place where you will meet new employees and employees who have been with the company a long time but rarely leave their desks. There will be useful importation exchanges at the water cooler. Often, it is between departments or facilities and this information could hatch some great ideas.

Lower Stress Levels

A recent study shows that employees who drink at least eight glasses of water a day are proven to have lower stress levels. Employees with lower stress levels are better able to focus on their work.

Higher Brain Activity

Your brain is made up mostly of water and keeping it hydrated is important for activity and function. Drinking the right amount of water increases brain activity and attentiveness.

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