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Office design is critical to the success of a company. It is well worth the time and effort in consulting with professionals to get it right. An office that is well-designed may cost more, but a poorly-designed office will cost you down the road. A non-functioning office wastes time and causes frustrations among employees because it can hinder even the simplest tasks. For example, a noisy office makes it quite difficult to focus on a compelling email or other writing.

Good office design solves the problems many companies have with productivity, communication, and other issues. Giving your staff a reason to be excited about their workspace and workplace, keeps them around longer. How you design your office space has a huge impact on employee mood. A windowless office with bare walls and no color does not inspire nor motivate. In fact, it might lead to depression.

To help you get the most out of your space, you should do plenty of research and perhaps even hire an expert on the subject. If you are a small office, read up on tips that can help. Arctic Coolers, your commercial water coolers service in New Jersey. offers ways in which you can create awesome office spaces.

Quiet Zones

Studies show that open office designs are cost-effective and increase office capacity, but it does have a negative impact on productivity. The lack of privacy that is the cornerstone of open office designs means that employees are often disturbed or distracted while trying in earnest to focus on a particular task.

One study, in particular, found that over half of the workers in an open office design were frequently disturbed by others when working on their tasks.

A productive office is a quiet office, or at least has a section of the office that is quiet. Ideally, you will want a partitioned-off section of the office that is quiet and private and available to anyone who needs it.

Plenty Of Light

Sunlight makes employees happy and happy employees work better and are more productive. If the office is a dull place with no sunlight, you can bet performance will be affected.

Studies show that natural light in the workplace increases sleep time for employees, which, in return, will help increase productivity. You will want to design your office to maximize access to sunlight and ensure all of the employees can catch a look at the outside world during their workday.

Personality And Color

A boring office is an office where productivity suffers. By placing decorations around the office and adding bright and vibrant colors, you can really make a difference in how productive your employees are. Offices spaces with color and artwork inspire creativity and increase productivity.

Air Quality

Air quality affects your ability to focus and think with a clear mind. OSHA estimates that poor air quality in office spaces costs employers over $15 billion annually in lost work time due to sickness. Yup, poor indoor air quality at the office is making you sick.

In addition to air filters, companies should have windows open when possible and plenty of plants throughout the office. Plants are great for filtering the air and providing clean oxygen.

Scent Matters

Your sense of smell can affect your mood. The scent of pine or cinnamon helps increase alertness and improve focus.


It turns out that your mom was right, keeping a clean room is important. While it is difficult to control the clutter at a large office, you can do your part by keeping your area clean and clutter-free.

Space To Unwind

You will need to create space where employees can gather, socialize, sip water from the water cooler and take a break from the stress of their tasks. All too often, managers forget how important it is for employees to take a break and unwind. It is also important that employees have a place to go to unwind as opposed to sitting at their desks all day.

This space should be free from the stresses of the day-to-day grind. The space is a place to take a break, have lunch, hold an informal meeting, or just chill for a few minutes after completing a difficult task.

If your break space needs a water cooler, give Arctic Coolers Inc. a call.

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