Where to Get the Best Office Coolers

Water Droplet

A big part of a healthy office space is ensuring there’s always fresh water. The quality of hydration has many benefits, including better overall health, increased productivity, and employee engagement. Here are the characteristics which make an Arctic office water cooler stand above the rest.

Eliminate Bulky Bottles

Those plastic bottles take up a lot of room in an office. Not only that, but they’re also a pain to lift. An Arctic water cooler requires no lifting because the water gets replaced automatically. Because all water goes through multi-stage filtration, you know that it will always be as fresh and as healthy as possible.

Say Goodbye to Maintenance Work

The great thing about Arctic coolers is that you never have to worry about who will maintain it or when. We visit your location every six months to make sure your water cooler is working as it should. Our maintenance includes replacing the filters, optimizing the temperature control, and cleaning the inside and outside of the unit.

Commercial-Grade Filtration

With the bacteria, dust, germs, and dirt it can contain, the quality of bottled water can leave something to be desired. When you hit the dispensing button on any of our coolers, water is sent through five stages of filtration right away, ensuring fresh filtration with every glass. The filtration system includes treatment with UV light, which instantly eliminates dangerous contaminants.

No Money Lost

Your office might already have purchased a water cooler dispenser, but may not be able to return it. When this is the case, you don’t have to worry about getting your money back. Arctic Coolers will buy it from you for a fair price. This ensures your office doesn’t lose out on its initial investment. Plus, you don’t have to try to sell it yourself.

Quick and Easy Installation

water cooler dispenser

There’s no need to wait long at all for fresh and delicious water when you choose Arctic Coolers. That’s because our technicians know how to quickly install all of our models. Just point them to the location where you’d like it and, in a few minutes, you’ve got great-tasting water. Plus, installation won’t cost you a thing.

It Won’t Add to Your Expenses

Traditional water coolers require payment for the removal of empty bottles and delivery of fresh ones; but not with Arctic Coolers. What you pay for the unit includes the cost for regular maintenance that we perform.

Other coolers may require someone to be there to complete paperwork at delivery time, but because there’s no delivery beyond the initial installation, Arctic won’t ask you to complete forms every month. When you choose us, you won’t have to worry about hidden costs or surprising price changes.

Over Three Decades of Top-Quality Water

We know good water. We’ve been providing offices with top-quality, sustainable water solutions since 1986. Discover why Arctic Coolers is the choice of so many mid-Atlantic offices. Explore our range of dispensers online or call (844) 202-5137 for more information today.