Arctic Coolers M series

Arctic DM

The Arctic DM Series deliver enhanced hygiene and sustainability, surpassing traditional bottled alternatives. The floor-standing water machine features cutting-edge filtration and LED UV technologies. Monet by Arctic Coolers ensures a constant flow of clean, fresh-tasting water, eliminating the necessity for cumbersome 5-gallon containers or single-use plastic bottles. Embrace the future of hydration with this beautiful bottleless water cooler from Arctic Coolers.

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Standard Features

  • Capacitive touch icons offer intuitive effortless dispensing.
  • Internal microprocessor controls and monitors system functions.
  • Advanced reverse osmosis and multi-stage carbon filtration deliver a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water.
  • Extra-large and well-lit, the 12-inch dispense area makes refilling even the largest containers a breeze.
  • LCD Smart screen displays messages, system status, and service alerts.
  • Hot water faucet safety lock
  • In-tank LED UV technology, anti-microbial surfaces, and no-touch filter changes.
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Arctic DM Specifications

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 13″w x 49.2″h x 16.7″d
Voltage 115Vac/60Hz
Cold Tank Capacity 2.5 gallons
Hot Tank Capacity .79 gallons
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