Water Coolers for the Office and Making Mondays Better

Woman Drinking Water at Office on Monday

Let’s begin this article by having everybody let out an exhausted sigh together. Face it, not too many of you look forward to the start of the week.

The weekend is over and Saturday is not happening again for another five days. As your alarm goes off, you are hit with the sudden realization that the weekend is over and sleeping in is no longer a viable option. The forced transition from fun and relaxation to the grind of yet another workweek feels especially brutal. It makes you want to sob in your pillow when the alarm rings.

We are not going to promise you that we can help you learn to love Mondays, but there are a few ways in which you can at least make the pain go away a little bit. For starters, get in the mindset that Monday is just another day with plenty of opportunities to love, live, laugh and explore.

OK, seriously though, Arctic Coolers, water coolers for office service, offers these tips to make Mondays a little better.

Go To Bed Early

Mondays can be a little more tolerable if you get plenty of sleep the night before. One of the best ways to make that happen is by going to bed earlier on Sunday night. If you think about it, your sleep schedule is probably a little screwed up after two evenings of late-night movies, parties or whatever you do after your normal bedtime on the weekends.

Resist the temptation to keep the weekend alive by staying up late on Sunday, climb into bed early so you can start your week off well-rested.

Eat A Big Breakfast

It is well documented that breakfast comes with huge nutritional and mental benefits. From bagels to waffles, breakfast can be easy to prepare and worth the effort. Heck, bacon almost cooks itself.

Make Monday A Cheat Day

If you are battling the Monday blues, the last thing you want to do is scarf a kale salad and a cup of brown rice for lunch. Nobody is looking forward to that. Make Mondays more bearable by allowing yourself to eat like a king, a Burger King if that is what makes you happy. Eat to your heart’s content on Monday and make your diet Tuesday’s problem.

Don’t Go To The Dentist

Don’t schedule a dentist appointment for Monday. In fact, you should never schedule any type of not-so-happy appointments on Mondays. If you can, reschedule any meetings you have on Mondays for Tuesday or later on in the week. You will be a little happier having a clear calendar on Mondays.

Skip Shopping

Too many people are in the bad habit of going to the grocery store on Monday evenings to stack up on food. If at all possible, skip this task until Tuesday or do it over the weekend. It will do your mind a lot of good if you know that after work you can just go home and chill.

Order Takeout

It will also ease your mind knowing that you don’t have to cook a meal on Mondays as you decided to make it a take-out day. Make Mondays the reason why take-out was invented by ordering pizza, Thai or Chinese after work.

Wear Something New

If you need a Monday morning pick-me-up, wear something new to work. You will feel the same way to did as a kid when you stepped into the classroom in new duds after Christmas break. If you don’t have something new to wear, make Mondays the day you wear your favorite outfit, like those jeans that flatter you so well.

Make Stuff Up

Make it a habit of telling your cubicle mates all about your adventurous weekend. And if you didn’t do anything cool, make something up.

Change Up Your Music

Your Pandora station stays on classic rock or contemporary Jazz with the occasional alternative 80s from time to time. That is fine Tuesday through Friday, but Mondays you need to break loose and listen to something completely different. We suggest you dub Mondays death metal day.

Drink Water

There are studies that suggest up to 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration, which can result in headaches, fatigue and dizziness. So hit the water cooler when you get to the office on Monday morning.

And if your office doesn’t have a water cooler, call Arctic Coolers Inc.