Water Cooler Service and Types of People at the Office

Water cooler service and types of people at the office

As you are filling your water bottle with fresh, refreshing water from the water cooler service, Arctic Coolers Inc., you can bet that you might run into the person who sends all emails in ALL CAPS or the person who steals others’ food from the refrigerator.

You know the type of people we mean, they are the people you have to deal with at the office.

If you are part of the workforce, you know that every office has its very own charm. Behind those computer monitors is a person who is unique and has qualities that make them different than everybody else.

There is also a group of people who are less unique and can be grouped into a category we call “the types of people you find in every office ever.”

So the next time you are hanging out at the water cooler at the office enjoying a refreshing glass of water and discussing the latest episode of Walking Dead with Frank from IT and Dianne from sales, think about which coworkers fit these following examples.

The Noisemaker

These are jolly souls who give everybody around them a headache. They also make you realize just how evil your thoughts can be.

They create a huge nuisance by singing, whistling, humming or drumming on their desk with a pair of pencils. They have no idea just how annoying they are and how irritating it is to have to listen to their noises echo throughout the office.

The Gossiper

Page three of the Sun and your Aunt Trudy’s Facebook timeline have nothing on the office gossiper. In some sense, you love the office gossiper because, without him or her, office life would be rather drab.

On the other hand, they are the spoon that stirs the pot and delivers juicy bits of news in an ocean of work-related information.

The Bathroom Talker

The office bathroom is a sacred place and there are many rules you need to follow while engaged. One of those rules is to never talk to people who are enjoying a short moment of serenity and inner peace. There is a widespread understanding among office personnel worldwide that it is inexcusable to approach someone in the bathroom, especially if they are in a stall.

Small talk at the sink is barely tolerated, but full-on conversations and unwelcome eye contact anywhere else in the bathroom is unacceptable. Unless, of course, you wind up in the bathroom with the bathroom talker.

Hot And Cold Person

No matter what the temperature is outside or inside the office, there is always that person who is either too hot or too cold. The temperature is just never perfect for them. You know this because they spend the entire day complaining about how hot or how cold they are.

The Overdresser

It might be the middle of summer and in the midst of a heatwave, but you can bet the overdresser will show up to work in a full suit with a cashmere sweater underneath. This is the type of person who thinks their work ensemble is not complete without cufflinks bearing the company logo.

If you desire the best water for your employees, give Arctic Coolers Inc. a call and see what we can do for you.