Office Water Coolers and Office Complaints

Employee hearing a complaint

When it comes to work, there are many things employees can complain about. For example, many employees gripe about their pay. And while many complaints could be easily remedied, raises for everybody, other complaints are more difficult to address.

At any given office at any given time, half of the employees will complain that it is too cold while the other half will complain that it is too hot. One solution would be to turn the heat down and tell everybody to wear heavy sweaters to work.

Some employees complain about bad-tasting drinking water. If every company would invest in an office water cooler from Arctic Coolers for their office, you would never have another complaint about bad water again. If only the other office complaints were so easy to remedy.


Many modern offices feel like a beehive. But while bees are used to working on top of each other, we are not. Being squeezed in at the office just makes all of the other complaints that much more difficult to deal with.


More and more companies are moving away from private cubicles and towards open office plans. There are several downsides to this latest office trend. First, an open office eliminates the barriers that helped keep sound to a minimum. In a nutshell; an open office is a noisy office. Don’t expect that white noise machine you got for Christmas to help, you will only get complaints from your coworkers.


The shrimp scampi you prepped for dinner on Wednesday evening engulfed the entire house in pleasant smells. In fact, the aroma was so sweet that three neighbors stopped by to ask what you were cooking for dinner, two of them stayed.

However, that very same shrimp scampi emitted quite a different odor when you nuked it in the company microwave for lunch on Thursday. And since your company opted for an open office plan, you were able to see the look of disgust on everyone’s face as the stench wafted over them.

Restroom Issues

Nobody is ever happy with the employee bathrooms. The string of complaints the office bathrooms suffer include the softness (or lack thereof) of the toilet paper, the viscosity of the liquid soap, the smell of the liquid soap, and the shine on the floor. You see, a super-shiny bathroom floor allows others in neighboring stalls to see a perfect reflection of you on the floor.


As we mentioned earlier, nobody is ever happy with the temperature inside the office. Our solution includes space heaters, fans, and working from home.

As a manager, reading about all of these complaints must be a bit disheartening. Many of these complaints are pretty difficult, if not impossible, to resolve. We recommend you mount a suggestion box to gather ideas and have a water cooler installed. You see, great minds work best when they are properly hydrated and chit-chatting around the water cooler, it is the place where the best ideas are formed. Call Arctic Coolers today.