Manitowoc Ice UYF-0240A NEO® undercounter ice machine

Manitowoc UYF0240A

Throughout the day, the Manitowoc Ice UYF-0240A NEO® undercounter ice machine has the capacity to generate 219 pounds of half-dice ice. Its delay function empowers operators to tailor the unit’s ice production, conserving energy during slower business hours. Alternatively, users have the option to keep the unit running, accumulating ice in the 90-pound-capacity bin for future usage. When the bin reaches its full 90-pound capacity, an indicator light notifies nearby individuals, prompting the cessation of ice production to prevent overflow. Access to the ice is facilitated through the bin’s sliding door, which moves upward into the container, avoiding obstruction of the walkway.

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Standard Features

  • Delay button pauses ice production for several hours to save energy
  • 219-lb. maximum ice production
  • 160-lb. AHRI-certified ice production
  • Half-dice ice size: 38 in. x 118 in. x 78 in.
  • Makes half-dice ice
  • 90-lb.-capacity storage bin saves ice for later use
  • Full-bin indicator light
  • Service indicator provides operation feedback
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Manitowoc UYF0240A Specifications

Weight 159 lbs.
Height 38.5 inches
Width 26 inches
Depth 28.5 inches
Bin Capacity 90 lbs.
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