The Hoshizaki FD-650MAJ-C is a 22” wide air-cooled nugget ice maker

Hoshizaki KM-600MAJ

The Hoshizaki FD-650MAJ-C is a 22” wide air-cooled nugget ice maker designed specifically for dispensers. This unit has the capacity to produce up to 634 lbs of chewable (nugget) ice daily. Featuring front-to-back airflow, the FD-650MAJ-C is tailored to fit into narrow spaces. If you’re in search of a machine that generates cubelet ice and can keep pace with a bustling lunch crowd, this is the ideal choice. The Hoshizaki FD-650MAJ-C produces “small” style cubelet ice, measuring 3/8″ x 3/4″ x 3/4″. Cubelet ice is commonly found in hospitals, schools, and select restaurants due to its soft, chewable texture, making it easily consumable, particularly suitable for patients and small children. Thanks to its porous nature, cubelet ice retains flavors exceptionally well, surpassing solid cubes. Its versatility shines in slushies and fruity cocktails, offering a delightful treat even after the last sip. Cubelet ice is available in various sizes depending on the model type.

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Standard Features

  • 442-lb. maximum daily ice production
  • 400-lb. AHRI-certified maximum daily ice production
  • Makes crescent ice cubes
  • Crescent cube ice size: 118 in. x 112 in. x 12 in.
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • CycleSaver technology produces the same amount of ice as other models in less cycles
  • EverCheck™ alert system with distinct beep patterns for different issues
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KM-600MAJ on a B-500 Specifications

Width 30.2 inches
Depth 27.38 inches
Height 22 inches
Voltage 115 V/60 Hz/1 ph
Amps 7.6 A, 5.55 kW
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