Health Benefits of Arctic Coolers

Businessman with mask drinking water at work. Staying hydrated on his business. Businessman having a glass of water while working in office and looking away - dehydration, drink enough liquids throughout the day

Healthy Water with Arctic Coolers

Unlike bottled water, our water coolers provide an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water for your optimum health. The truth is that bottled water is often just slightly more filtered than tap water. The Federal regulations that govern the quality of bottled water only apply if it is transported across state lines, and then only require it to be “as good as” tap water, not better. There are no assurances or requirements that bottled water be any safer than tap water. At Arctic Coolers we aim to provide you with better water, much better, filtered water.

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water

Did you know that as much as 40% of all bottled water comes from a city water system, just like tap water? Some bottled water companies, upwards of 60-70% are even exempt from the Natural Resources Defense Council’s requirements. That means many “bottled water companies avoid complying with basic health standards, such as those that apply to municipally treated tap water.” Meanwhile, Arctic Coolers water coolers use a 5-step filtration process to ensure you and your employees are drinking the most purified water possible.

Bottled Water Facts

  • A certain amount of any type of coliform bacteria is allowed in bottled water (GROSS!)
  • There are no federal filtration or disinfection requirements for bottled water
  • Bottled water companies do not have to test for Cryptosporidium or Giardia
  • Unlike City Water Systems, bottled water companies have no “right to know” reports, telling you what’s in your water

Our filtered water coolers use the latest innovations in water purification, sanitation, and filtration to remove and eliminate:

  • Bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, and parasites
  • Sediment, chlorine, lead, and other toxins
  • Bad tastes and odors
  • Exposure to harmful BPAs by taking plastic bottles out of your drinking water

Not only is the water you get with Arctic Coolers healthy, but our Touchless Water Coolers also ensure a cleaner, safer environment in your office. With Arctic Coolers, you’re not just guaranteed healthy water and a safer office environment, but also a handful of other benefits as well!