Commercial Water Coolers and Benefits of Losing Weight

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In our last post, we gave several reasons why it is important to drink plenty of water if you are trying to lose weight. “That’s great,” some of you are thinking, but you don’t need to lose weight.

Perhaps you are fit as a fiddle. But then, perhaps there is a group of you who happen to be a few pounds overweight, no big deal. In fact, you still look pretty good in front of the mirror and haven’t had to buy bigger jeans.

Here is the deal, losing as little as 10 pounds comes with great benefits, A lot of them you that will surprise you. You see, losing just 10 pounds is really a big deal, grab a glass of water from the commercial water cooler from Arctic Coolers Inc. and read what happens when you lose just 10 pounds.

Improved Blood Pressure

Losing 10 pounds can actually lower your blood pressure. According to studies, researchers revealed that patients who lost even just 10 pounds lowered their systolic value by nearly five points and their diastolic by 3 points.

Less Joint Pain

Losing just 10 pounds reduces a tremendous amount of pressure on your joints, especially in your knees. Overweight adults with sore knee joints will be happy to hear that for every pound of body weight they lose, they take four pounds of pressure off their knees.

So losing 10 pounds will take 40 pounds of pressure off your knees.

Detoxify Your Body

Water does a wonderful job detoxifying your body, so does losing 10 pounds. Excess fat contributes to the toxins inside your body, which is something you don’t want. As fat builds up around your organs like your liver and kidney, they have a more difficult time detoxifying your body. This is why you start to feel so much better after you lose weight.

You Will Sleep Better

If you are having a difficult time getting quality sleep at night, you might want to try losing 10 pounds. Losing just 10 pounds can help open your windpipe, which helps you sleep through the night and reduces the risk of sleep apnea.

Reduced Risk Of A Heart Attack

Extra weight, even just 10 pounds, increases your blood pressure and raises your cholesterol, both of which raises your risk of a heart attack. Losing even just 10 pounds can lower your risk of a heart attack by as much as 50 percent.

Live Longer

Your lifespan is directly correlated with how much you weigh. A healthy weight is associated with a longer lifespan. There is plenty of evidence that suggests obesity can cut as much as 10 years off your life. So weight is really a big deal, even 10 pounds.

You can start losing 10 pounds by drinking a lot of water, you need plenty of water to help you lose weight. If your office doesn’t have a water cooler, visit Arctic Coolers Inc. and check out what we have to offer.