Arctic Polar Premiere 3000 Countertop

Arctic Polar Premiere 3000 Countertop

Modern hot and cold purified water dispenser seamlessly integrates advanced water filtration methods with temperature flexibility to cater to your family’s water requirements. This compact 4-stage water filtration system adeptly eliminates odors, bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, rust particles, and other impurities from the water source, all while preserving its natural mineral components.

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Standard Features

  • Compact 4-stage water filtration system
  • Durable outer-casing made of industrial-grade heat-resistant and impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Integrated Child Safety Lock System on ‘Hot’ water lever
  • Detachable drip tray allows for versatile filling up of tall glasses and 1L size bottles
  • Compact design takes up less space on your kitchen counter
  • Separate on/off buttons for ice and hot water
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Arctic Polar Premiere 3000 Countertop Specifications

Depth 18.11 inches
Width 10.23 inches
Height 20.47 inches
Cold Tank Capacity .84 gallons/53.4º F
Hot Tank Capacity .36 gallons/194º F
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