Bottleless Water Cooler Savings in NEWARK

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Cost Effective

Arctic Coolers office water coolers take your own endless water supply and run it through state-of-the-art filtration systems for the cleanest, freshest water without bottles.

Use our savings calculator to find out how much your business could save if it went bottleless. A $10 monthly rental fee is included in the savings calculation.

With our Filtered Water Coolers there are:

  • No pass-along costs for the manufacture of plastic jugs or bottles
  • No deliveries, which raise the price of water unnecessarily.
  • No valuable storage space wasted on bottles

With our water coolers, you won’t have to pay for fluctuating gas prices or salaries of delivery people, packagers, and distributors. Most of our customers save up to 50% on their water bills.

Contact us for a free cost analysis to see how much money you can save, or complete our quick & easy Free Quote form.