6 Reasons Your Office Needs a Bottleless Water Dispenser

office workers and bottleless water machine

Is the water in your office healthy? Whether you’re a business owner, manager of an office, or some other employee, you know the importance of the little things. It could be keeping accounts in order each month or simply ensuring employees have clean desks each week, but these little things add up to productivity throughout the day. 


Believe it or not, this extends into your water supply, and one way you can ensure your employees are their most productive is by switching to a bottleless solution for clean water. Here are six reasons why your office needs a bottleless water dispenser.


Stay Hydrated Without an Expensive Cost


Water is necessary for everyone, so why should you pay an excessive amount for it? A bottleless water cooler can save money while providing filtered water for your office. It provides a more efficient operation, especially if you were once constantly buying water bottles for everyone. After installing your water dispenser, you won’t have to worry about anything but a basic filter change. In as little as a month, you could immediately see results that help improve your bottom line.


Bottleless Dispensers Are Environmentally Friendly


Imagine how many plastic water bottles you end up throwing away over the course of a year in an office. Even small offices find their employees consuming a large amount of plastic. On top of that, traditional bottled water coolers, with those big blue replacement jugs that you probably think of, also take up a ton of space and plastic. Don’t discount the trucks traveling miles to deliver these water jugs. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly water dispenser, look no further than a bottleless dispenser. 


Bottleless Dispensers Keep Employees Healthy


Bottleless dispensers encourage employees to drink more water and stay hydrated and can help take away from the daily grind by giving them one more avenue to stretch their legs. Plus, it’s important to note that unfiltered water can increase stress and be responsible for headaches and nausea, on top of the more severe health dangers. Protect your employees against poor digestion, illness, and other health issues with high-quality bottleless water filtration.


Bottleless Dispensers Boost Productivity


Productivity keeps the business growing, so why not create an environment where employees can be as productive as possible? The effects of dehydration aren’t always discussed, but it can significantly impact people’s ability to get work done on time. 


Dehydration makes it difficult to focus during meetings, increases body temperatures that can leave employees feeling uncomfortable, and leads to increased consumption of sweets. Most people feel dehydrated, lose focus, and turn to unhealthy snacks to provide a quick boost of energy that wears off just as quickly as it came. Instead, enable your employees to grab a cup of water from a bottleless dispenser and make the most of their day.


Bottleless Dispensers Save Space and Time


What’s more important than that precious office space? Your time! Space and time go hand in hand, and many offices struggle to find enough area to accommodate employees, something extremely prevalent in growing companies. The room you save can help companies hire one or two more people who help different departments function just a bit better. You’ll also be able to install a new appliance that improves life while at work.


They Look Pretty Cool!


Let’s face it, those large water jugs are unsightly, and who wants to be handing out a bunch of water bottles every day? Bottleless dispensers look pretty cool, and that alone could be worth it to some employees. Bottleless dispensers can be the finishing touch to a beautifully designed office or help begin the transition of your growing company to one with more modern features.


Enjoy Clean and Fresh Water in Your Office With Arctic Coolers


Fresh water is an important part of everyone’s day. A cup of coffee can only do so much, and sometimes refreshing water is all you need to stimulate the mind and body. If you want to take your office space to the next level, get help from professional water cooler suppliers like the ones at Arctic Coolers. Ask about an office water dispenser and learn how we can help you save space and provide healthy drinking water for everyone in your office.