Bottleless Water Cooler Installation

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Easy Installation with Arctic Coolers

We have been in business since 1986 installing our easy, economical Arctic Coolers EndlessSupply™ System.

You’ll never run out of water because our bottleless coolers use your existing water source and purify your water at the point of use thereby:

We make it easy to transition to our system with:

  • Arctic Coolers Simple Switch Program. We handle everything from evaluating your current water bill to identifying the best placement for your new system.
  • Arctic Coolers Express Installation. Trained technicians will quickly install your unit then will only return for scheduled maintenance eliminating annoying deliveries that disrupt your business.
  • Arctic Coolers Custom Billing Process allows you to tell us how you want to be billed – monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It’s up to you.

We make it easy to live with year after year with:

  • Free Service with the AC Guarantee™. You get unlimited service calls and repairs during the length of your contract including 100% coverage for all parts and labor, same day response, loaner coolers to avoid interrupted service, and no hidden charges.
  • Peach for a Lemon™ Program. In the unlikely event that your unit can not be repaired, we will replace it with a new cooler.
  • Arctic Coolers Easy Upgrade Program. You have the option to sign up to receive the next system upgrade as it becomes available, even in the middle of your contract term.

The team at Arctic Coolers lets you focus on running your business instead of worrying about drinking water.

Try it free with one phone call and you’ll have an endless supply of great tasting water for a low monthly fee.More Benefits